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    Chat GPT Shopify product fields. Macros List. Free Prompt Sample

    Generating new content for product description, meta data or any other Shopify field can be an easy task with Chat GPT included in Store Manager for Shopify. In this article you will find best practices for product details generation and prompt engineering as well as all fields that can be currently used for content generation. So, here you can find:

    Important! In order to run Chat GPT prompts and generate content for your Shopify products, you need to download free trial version of Store Manager for Shopify. Here you can see an example of prompt executed using Store Manager software:

    Store Manager for Shopify prompt sample for Chat GPT to generate product description based on product name

    What Shopify fields can Chat GPT and Store Manager software generate data for?

    Store Manager for Shopify and Chat GPT plugin offers content generation tool that allows store owners to add, update, replace, append or prepend data to your existing Shopify product description and meta description (SEO description). Other Shopify product fields in most cases do not require data to be generated additionally. Fields like quantity, price, etc. are most commonly filled while import and provided by supplier or vendor. At the same time, it is possible to track competitor prices with latest version of Chat GPT and consider updating your current prices based on this information, though it is not a common solution as prices are dependent on the cost and on recommended prices oftentimes.

    Store Manager for Shopify and Chat GPT allows you to generate data for the following product fields:

    • Product Description
    • Product SEO Description / Meta Description

    Important! In case you need any other fields or you would like to be able to run any other scenario, contact us and we’ll gladly consider those in our software free of charge.

    What fields can be used in Shopify product prompts for content generation (macros list)?

    In most cases product data is generated based on product name and meta data. In case you would like us to add any other field to generate data from (as a macros), contact us and we’ll gladly consider adding those fields in future versions. At the moment you can generate data based on the following Shopify fields (Macros):

    • ID
    • Handle
    • Title / Product Name
    • Description
    • Vendor
    • Status
    • Product Type
    • Tags
    • SEO Title
    • SEO Description

    Here you can find the list of Shopify product field macros that can be used in Store Manager and Chat GPT:

    • ID – [PRODUCT.ID]
    • Handle – [PRODUCT.HANDLE]
    • Title – [PRODUCT.TITLE]
    • Description – [PRODUCT.DESCRIPTION]
    • Vendor – [PRODUCT.VENDOR]
    • Status – [PRODUCT.STATUS]
    • Product Type – [PRODUCT.PRODUCTTYPE]
    • Tags – [PRODUCT.TAGS]
    • SEO Title – [SEO.TITLE]
    • SEO Description – [SEO.DESCRIPTION]

    So, macros are product fields that can be included in your prompt, the value will be taken from to generate texts. If you need any assistance with prompt engineering or macros, leave a comment below and we’ll gladly assist you free of charge.

    What are best practices for Shopify product prompt engineering?

    AI tools change all the time and all prompts should be adjusted from time to time, but there are few common things you should not forget when generating texts with ChatGPT for your Shopify products. A perfect prompt should provide a clear structure ensuring the generated text remains concise and relevant to your products and your customer needs. It should look like a task for your content writer plus additional technical details about your text formatting and uniqueness.

    Here are key points to consider when generating product details with Chat GPT Prompt:

    • Product Name: Insert Product Name, it is important for the AI tool to use the exact product name in your content in first paragraph, titles, lists or other elements
    • Key Features: Request AI tool to list 3-5 key features or benefits
    • Tone: Specify the tone of your text – Casual/Professional/Informative
    • Length: Specify the exact or approximate length of your text (word count or symbol count)
    • Additional Instructions: Any specific preferences or details to include. see above for more recommendations.

    Here you can find a sample prompt that can be used for product description generation in Shopify:

    Create an engaging product description for [PRODUCT.TITLE] that emphasizes its value and affordability. Product descriptions should be easy to read and understand. It should be at least 500 words, no duplicates, use handy expressions.
    Avoid jargon and complicated language. Also use power words like Amazing, Instant, Exclusive.
    Add a catchy headline for features and benefits and add product name [PRODUCT.TITLE] to the headline.
    Highlight benefits and explain the advanced features of the [PRODUCT.TITLE] in everyday language that a novice would understand.
    Generate a compelling section of the description that communicates the limited availability and high demand of the product.
    Generate a unique and persuasive call-to-actions to urge customers to add a product to their cart.

    Also here you can find a separate article on how to write a perfect Chat GPT prompt for Shopify that will cover even more aspects to consider, and even more related articles for you:

    Important! It is required to test any prompt before applying it massively to make sure you get the perfect result as each version of GPT generates slightly different results.

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