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How to Import Products to Shopify with Store Manager

When it comes to introducing hundreds and thousands of new items, ensuring that existing ones are up to date, or moving product catalog from one store to another, merchants need to fall back to import funtionality to ease the task and save time. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll delve into product management, exploring the capabilities of Store Manager and how it can be your trusted companion in the import process, ensuring your Shopify store is stocked and organized.

Let’s go!

Step 1: Open Store Manager for Shopify on your computer. In the left menu, navigate to the “Products” tab. Click on “Import” to open the smart Import Wizard.

Import Products Button Shopify Store Manager

Step 2: Click on the “Browse” button to locate the .csv file on your computer that contains the product information you want to import. Store Manager allows downloading a sample file to organize products in the .csv file. After you choose the file, hit “Next” to proceed.

Source File Selection for Product Import via Store Manager for Shopify

Step 3: Select delimiter settings for a .csv file. Common delimiters include commas, semicolons, or tabs. If your file has a header row, ensure the “First Row Contains Field Names” box is checked. Click “Next” to proceed.

CSV File Preview in Store Manager for Shopify Import Wizard

Step 4: Linking file columns to database fields. Store Manager will automatically attempt to match columns from your file to the corresponding fields in the Shopify database. Review the automatic mapping, and if needed, adjust the links of the file columns onto the appropriate database fields manually. Once everything is ready, click “Next” to move to the next step.

Manual Mapping of CSV Columns to Database Fields in Store Manager for Shopify

Step 5: Specifying import options. Choose whether you want to add products to all sales channels or only to specific ones. Decide whether you want to overwrite images for existing products. Hit “Import”.

Import Options Step During Product Import via Shopify Store Manager

Step 6: After configuring import options, a confirmation window about the start of the import process will appear in the product grid.

Product Import Start Notification if Store Manager for Shopify

Step 8: Once the import is complete, a summary window will display the number of successfully imported products.

Product Import Result Window in Store Manager for Shopify

That’s it!
Now you can verify that the imported products are now visible in your product catalog in Store Manager.
Newly Imported Products Via Shopify Store Manager

Additionally, visit your Shopify store’s admin dashboard and navigate to the product section to confirm that the newly imported products are displayed on the storefront. Newly Imported Products via Shopify Store Manager in the Admin

Shopify product import tool
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